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My Services

The very best ideas will be lost in poor articulation and lack-luster delivery. I excel at helping you hone your message and deliver it with maximum impact. While communication technology is advancing at warp speed, nothing will replace the art of crafting a message that will be heard, understood and remembered. I love the power of language and its ability to inform, persuade and delight. Many struggle with writing, and that’s okay! I’m here to help you form your message and find your voice.

My services include writing, editing and presentation support. For more information, please contact me using my Contact page.

Why “Sandhill” Communications? I am enthralled with sandhill cranes. They’ve become prevalent in Central MN in the last decade and, for reasons unknown, I am inspired by these gorgeous, quirky, curious creatures.

Writing and Editing

Writing is my thing. While many struggle with this skill, it comes easily to me – and I love doing it. My forte is strategic communications and annual reports for non-profit organizations.

Presentation Support

An effective presentation is the yin to the content yang. A powerful idea will get lost in an uninspired delivery. Whether it is a report to the board of directors or a TEDx talk, I’ll help you refine your delivery and support elements to ensure enthusiastic applause from the audience.

Abbreviated Portfolio

  • Strategic Writing
  • Annual Report
  • Magazine Column
  • Doctoral Dissertation
  • See portfolio